Crabbing in Lakes Entrance

Crabbing in Lakes Entrance image

A popular activity in Lakes Entrance is crabbing, which is catching your own sand crabs for a delicious seafood meal.

The main jetty to do this from is Sandblasting Jetty on Bullock Island, but you can also be successful at other jetties in the area. 

The best time for crabbing is October to January, as this is when the crabs are often largest and populations are highest after spawning. That being said we have people all year round down here crabbing.

You can get all the necessary supplies in Lakes Entrance. You will need:

  • Drop Nets – natural fibre is best
  • Bait – raw chicken carcasses work well

Simply tie the bait in the centre of the small hoop and throw it off the jetty. Wait for a while to let the crabs come to the bait, then pull the net up.

Remember there are government rules and regulations – please check updated Victorian Fisheries information here

  • Must have a fishing licence (or be exempt)
  • Only 2 hoop nets per person, max size 50cm
  • 30 crabs maximum for personal consumption

We have plans to install gas cookers in the fish cleaning area. All our villas and cabins have cooking facilities, we ask that when cooking crabs please keep your cabin well ventilated and dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully.

Enjoy your catch!

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